It is a welfare society to run the holy spiritual conscious concept of RDTS heartily originated from Dr h. s Mishrà an ex M.O .
central hospital NCL @NTPC govt of India and the Chief research officer/ medical scientist of RDTS Mirzapur U.P

Our Achievement

Hemant Case Study

Following types of critical patients may be investigated for outcome and applicability of our research project as for Colum 8Th of concept Proposal

The patient suffering since birth with problems of cerebral palsy unable to hold the neck support even a single minute treated in kalavaty hospital Delhi up to 14 years without any relief. has got valuable recorded relieved within six months by the treatment of RDTS

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R L Dubey Case Study

(A)- 18/ M Child treated by BHU , SGPGI , Pant hosp. delhi for nearly 13 yr. (B)- Got relieved in 6 month by us/ RDTS

The child at age of nearly 8-9 years reading in 4rth class suffering with nerves complaints as falling of pens during writing in school was started to take treatment of best medical specialist of India from Varanasi to Delhi for nearly ten years without relieve while worsening of problems until the patient has gone in the stage of coma for ten years up to the age of nearly 18-19 years of a well-qualified and reputed family of Varanasi. has got valuable relieve within two years in his 75% sufferings

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Dr Mishra Case Study

My self-suffering from carbuncle on my back around 3 cm in circle and nearly bulging of the above from the surface of skin with 16 mouth /opening suggested for operation by surgeon was cured own self by treatment of RDTS within 15 days by only medicines in the stage of burning like fire in the abscess

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Vikash Case Study

The child aged nearly 10 years suffering with liver problems hepatic thrombosis after the treatment of malarial fever with splenic disorder. has gone to take treatment of SGPGI Lucknow which refuse to give treatment after treating some months suggesting there is no hope of life and the patient will alive only two months more. At lost patient came to RDTs/me with a critical position with no hope of life. has relieved his nearly all complaints except spleen problem within nearly three months, and the patient is living till date .After some time splenectomy has been done for his spleen problem.,...

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B L Sharma Case Study

B L Sharma - he employee of NCL.in1990-91 at NCL.cenral hosp, aged nearly 50 yrs ,suffering with gangrenous ulcer in left leg since 1984 due to an injure in his leg, with 104 to 106. fever and burning in whole body with sevier pain forcing to beat nurses and ddoctors of the hospital admited for amputation of the leg from knee by surgeon was hand over to dr h.s mishra (after failing the treament of cheemotherapy ),had cured by only medicines within only two months admiting the patient in NCL hospital durring his services. thus RDTS can save the organs of such patients who are being advised for amputation of the body parts duee to lang period ulcerations.

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RAJANY Case Study

RAJANY-Delhi-The highly recorded and most valuable record of treatment of RDTS ,THE patient has got sprain and strain in her feet during ascending stair of her home at her age of nearly 25 th in nearly 2002-3/ get started the treatment of railway hospital Delhi, AIIMS. Delhi as a daughter of railway employee for nearly two years with worsening in their problems of both legs and then got 10 months treatment of BABA Ram-deve without any relief in her became unable to perform their physical activities even unable to go for bathroom. With swelling of her both legs and stiffness of her nearly all joints unable to walk, has come under treatment of RDTS , after much counseling. She got relieve in her all problems within six month with a great opposing factors produced by her father and her relatives, even then she began to ascend on her stairs without any support with great relieve in her other problems.......... the superseding all the record of medical science ...more....

Mr . Santy Delhi Case Study

Mr . Santy Delhi- has got urgent relieve in his eye problem as he was injured his left eye in an road accident on Delhi road, and admitted in trauma center of civil line near ISBT Delhi in stage of semiconciousness with closed eye lids up to two days showing high dangerous condition for blindness as there was no movement in the eye lids ,was discussed with doctor to open the eye within next 48 hrs for which they were not Ready , they wanted 8 days to open the eye ,for which the doctor of RDTS was not ready . After two hours of discussion the trauma hospital has to discharge the patient at 11 am to see the relieve within 24 hours by the treatment of RDTS/by Dr.h.s.mishra who opens the eyes of patient within only 8 hours with not a single trace of spot on injured eyes within qne weak, showing a high valuable records of treatment of RDTS in traumatic injurious patients. NO such records are being found evening medical institutions .